Off the Cuff - With Dickinson PD

EP12: Chief Chat - Police Chief (ret.) Duane "Bucky" Wolf

June 30, 2022 Dickinson PD Episode 12
Off the Cuff - With Dickinson PD
EP12: Chief Chat - Police Chief (ret.) Duane "Bucky" Wolf
Show Notes

A history-rich episode is made possible with retired Dickinson Police Chief Duane "Bucky" Wolf. Chief Wolf was a career officer within the department, rising through the ranks before ultimately becoming chief between 1992-1998. With an emphasis on training and professionalism, Chief Wolf was a pivotal player in advancing the department from the early "Marshal mentality" into the professional organization it is today. 

Drawing upon his experiences in the Marine Corps, Chief Wolf emphasized the importance of comradery and family. His service continued after his retirement with many years on the Stark County Board of Commissioners. He has been a proud patriot of both country and community, and we are thankful for him joining us on this episode!

00:00 - Intro
02:00 - Department Round-up/Weapons Offenses/Bike Patrol/Staff & Command/Uvalde Discussion
09:28 - Chief Duane "Bucky" Wolf
13:53 - Upbringing and Marine Corps
18:32 - Hired with Dickinson PD
25:29 - Military Transition
27:10 - Early Law Enforcement Training
32:38 - Advice to Young Officers
34:15 - Narcotics Investigations
38:28 - Department Professionalism & Philosophy
42:30 - Stark County Commission
45:03 - Department Equipment
49:43 - Notable Calls
1:01:13 - Line of Duty Death : Patrolman Theodore Wanner
1:10:18 - Speedcuffing
1:12:14 - Closing Gratitudes

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